Auto Dealers Get Your Stimulus Now!

Automotive Stimulus Advertising Package is now available to all Franchise or Independent Automotive Dealers. For the next 45 days NerdMotive is offering aid and assistance to keep your Used, Retail Inventory free and flowing on the Internet to reach those customers unable to visit your lot during this troubling time amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Email us or click the Own It! button to submit a request.

Choose your pricing plan

  • A.S.A.P.

    Every month
    Automotive Stimulus Advertising Package
     45 day free trial
    • Free Inventory Listing
    • Free Lead Management and Routing
  • Traffic Blazer

    Every month
    Part 1 of the 1-2 Punch
    • Dynamic Ads Generate Website Visitors
    • Build Audiences for Future Targeting
    • Pioneered by Platform Precision
  • Retargeting

    Every month
    Part 2 of the 1-2 Punch
    • Tag Current Website Visitors
    • Utilize Technology to Re-Market
    • Drive Visitors, Users Back to Your Site
  • Geo-Fence Campaign

    Every month
    Stop Overpaying for Geo
    • Track What Matters Most
    • Connect using Real Data
    • Transparent Reporting
  • Traffic Monitoring

    Every month
    30,000 Feet to Eye Level
    • Monitors Website Traffic
    • Compatible with Google Analytics
    • Find Data Others Won't Share or Show
  • Vendor Inspection

    Every month
    Trust but Verify
    • Inspect What You Expect
    • Value Your Vendors and Their Products
    • Market Data Analysis
  • Email Marketing

    Every month
    Connect and Conquest
    • Connect with Existing Prospects
    • Conquest Opt-In Shoppers
    • 100% Opt-In Lists