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A Call to Arms

Sitting here trying to come up with a topic that has merit, some value. Watching the World, the entire Planet, cope with a very devastating event. Watching events unfold during this pandemic, the threat and attack of the COVID-19 virus. Helping where and when we can knowing it makes a difference but feeling like it doesn't.

From the vendor space - mainly automotive because that is where we most live and work - there is a lot of noise. I call it that because so many emails, so many. Emails offering assistance with billing, offering discounts, free tools, etc.

The term "remote" means so much more now than ever before. Like we're all in space. Coping to the best of our abilities. Some, of course, used to it, most not so much.

I titled this "A Call to Arms" because we are at war. A war to protect ourselves, our family, our friends, our communities, our societies, our countries, our planet. This is it people. We have this one planet. Earth. It is our home.

A "gut check" to be sure. For all of us. No soapbox. Just a reality check. A wake up call.

The world, the planet, the Earth - and all of us on it - needs our attention. Planet Earth cried for help.

Don't just hear. Listen. Listen carefully.

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